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CCLOGIC.COM Offshore Company Formation

At CCLOGIC Ltd we partner with you to help you create a business solution that is tailored to your needs.
We know that the demand for business privacy, asset protection and tax optimization is high, so we provide a variety of complete business packages to suit every need, for both offline and online businesses. It is our aim to help you create a business and financial structure that serves your needs.

We have years of experience in the payment processing industry and will work with you to help you achieve your business and financial goals. Our years of experience have allowed us to help hundreds of our clients achieve success through our personalized business packages. We provide clients with a solution that is completely reliable, less expensive and instantly available both now and in the future.

CCLOGIC Ltd : can provide you with a wide network of banks, payment providers and e-commerce services to choose from. With all the different services that are out there it can be difficult to find a service that suits your needs. We help you find the perfect solution for both online and offline ventures.

Merchant services : CCLOGIC Ltd is partnered with several financial providers to help you find the merchant services to suit your businesses needs. Once we introduce you to the bank or service provider of your choice we give you full control and allow you to negotiate processing fees and rates so that you can secure the best deal possible. We are not involved in the running or maintenance of any payment gateway or merchant contracts and currently we only accept companies incorporated in Europe.

Offshore Services : CCLOGIC Ltd is able to assist you in opening an offshore bank account in Cyprus. We are also able to assist you in the opening of offshore bank accounts both in Belize and Seychelles. Whatever your financial needs are we will be able to help you.

We also offer assistance with the formation of offshore companies and trusts and we offer a wide range of legal and tax services through our trusted business partners.

Let us analyze your business today to find the perfect solution to achieve your goals both in the online and offline world.

Please note: all our services are completed online through our SSL encrypted ticket system or Skype. You are not required to visit the country or bank with which you create your company or bank account.

mandag den 27. april 2009

Where to go for an Offshore Company Formation and Offshore Bank Account?

Now available the Offshore company Formation Blueprint.Registration procedures with offshore companies are relatively simple to process in comparison to more traditional trading jurisdictions.

There is less information required regarding the shareholders and directors of the business making the whole process much quicker and efficient to carry out. This is only one of the reasons for clients worldwide to incorporate their business in an offshore jurisdiction.

For better overview and to provide you with only one documents which include all the information needed, we have made this new Offshore company Formation and Offshore bank Account Blueprint, which you can download right here and now.

follow this link for download of the blueprint!

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Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account, fast and easy and for instant in CyprusAn offshore bank account isn’t any different than a local bank account, but you will have a lot of benefits by opening a offshore bank account.

Our reason press release:

Learn more at http://www.cyprus-bank-account.com

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Register an Offshore Company and increase your profits and get in front of the competition!

The financial marked has changed and you need to consider to increase your profit of your online sales for two reason, first due to the competition while more and more Online Shops and businesses will go and reduce their price structure you need to have competitive prices on your products and services too, secondly while many see a decrease of the products services sold you need to earn more on each item as before to survive.

By just lowering your prices you would in many cases easily drive more sales into your pocket but you will soon face that this also means you need to sell more to get the same out of it.
A simple calculation which we did for a new client was to consider to take the entire business Offshore for Instant in Cyprus, the payable TAX for international business companies is 0% TAX which means if you lower your pricing per item with let’s say 15% (which would be the TAX you had to pay if you continue as you do now) than you won’t lose any money by reducing the price on your products or services but will at the same time get very competitive towards the competition.

It is important to consider any possible aspect to increase the costs doing business and at the same time be able to reduce the price to serve the consumers which at the moment (due to the financial crisis) only hardly want to spend any money.
A marked survey which has been made in Europe show that we are all more willing to spend money even in this financial crisis, if we can get the product or services we need to a reduced price.

How can I register a Cyprus Company, should be the question you ask yourself now.
CCLOGIC LLC has been in the Offshore Company Formation for years now and been of great help for many of our clients worldwide, many fail on finding the right Agent which can help with this service and get the job done fast and secure, we register a Cyprus Company and can open a Cyprus Bank Account within 7 - 14 days and ensure that everything is incorporated properly with Apostille of Documents and Company Certificates.

The Cyprus Bank Account comes with an Advanced Internet Banking (e-Banking) and as multi currency account (USD, EUR, GBP) - Your Cyprus Company can be registered as anonymous company with nominee shareholders and directors or with yourself or your holding company as director. You have to pay a 0% TAX rate to the TAX Authorities in Cyprus and conduct business worldwide with your Cyprus Offshore Company setup. You have a 100% assets protection and no limitation at all; any business can incorporate in Cyprus.

CCLOGIG LLC is a official Introducer for the major Cyprus Banks and has been serving several hundred clients with the Cyprus Company Formation and opening of Bank Accounts but we can more, we have a bride knowledge about the hassle to accept credit card payments Online, we have partnered with several Acquiring Banks around the world to open Offshore Merchant Accounts and to provide secure and reliable credit card processing for your website.

CCLOGIC LLC is a All in One Financial Service Agent which goal is 100% satisfaction for our clients, contact us today and let us help you to be a successful business which is in front of the competition.

International Business Company, Anonymous Bank Account and a bank account in Cyprus, how to do that.

You have heard it that it is possible for some people to become an anonymous bank account, but where did they get it and how is it possible to jump on this service?

This is the question we are going to answer because you want know that even if you have an anonymous bank account then it is at the same time a international bank account which can be used simply as you know from your local or existing bank account, you will have Internet Banking and even a IBAN account number to receive and transfer money / funds worldwide.

1. How you become an anonymous bank account
It is a bit difficult but absolutely possible, what you will need is to find an incorporation services which has specialized in the incorporation of offshore companies. Companies which are incorporated offshore will have the privilege to have nominee shareholders and directors which make it impossible to track down the real owners / beneficial owner.

You will need to incorporate a company in for instant Cyprus it is important that it is registered as an International business company / IBC company since offshore companies which are incorporated as IBC company will have to pay 0% TAX.

2. Offshore Companies can open anonymous bank accounts
Now while you have found a reliable incorporation services and got an International business company you can go and open a simple bank account in Cyprus which let you open the account on behalf of the IBC which again will give you an anonymous bank account with a bank in Cyprus.

3. Why International Business Company to open a bank account in Cyprus
Since you can’t have an anonymous bank account with a bank in Cyprus without having an IBC company you will need to incorporate a company first, this is the instrument to become the anonymity you seek.

4. Maintain an anonymous bank account and International Business Company
You might want to know that it is without any hassle to maintain and conduct business with your IBC company in Cyprus and to maintain your anonymous bank account in Cyprus, to have an bank account in Cyprus it only costs a small monthly fee but you do not need to have any minimum deposit and you will have access to your account and moneys 24/7/365.
5. Incorporate companies offshore within a few days

An incorporation service can register your international business company and your bank account in Cyprus within a few days and also assure it will be done as an anonymous bank account, only uou will have access to your bank account in Cyprus, the pin code and the instructions on how to access your international business companies bank account will be send by courier to you directly.

CCLOGIC.COM has specialized in the incorporation of International business companies and the opening of bank accounts in Cyprus. Also we incorporate companies offshore with great success.

mandag den 23. februar 2009

An offshore company formation isn’t actually as difficult as it sounds as long as you know what you are doing.

Your company can be a proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation and offshore is simply an expression that means outside of your own jurisdiction, thus not in the country where you reside or even where the bulk of your business is carried out.

An offshore company formation is mainly required to obtain maximum tax or trade benefits and evade legislation which can minimize the business' profitability and be financially depressing for its economic situation.

Some of the benefits for offshore company formation are outlined here.

There is generally a lower taxation tariff to pay in offshore destinations. This is appealing to many organizations as the less tax they pay means the more money they can save thus resulting in an increased profitability for the company. The downside to this though is that you will miss out on any social services a well-organized country generally provides to its tax payers, such as free health care and retirement benefits.

Offshore companies are often governed by much simpler rules and laws concerning their business ventures in comparison to onshore laws in other countries. Onshore companies have to deal with various reporting procedures and follow strict guidelines and rules which can be time wasting and expensive in man- power and many of these are avoided with offshore companies. Offshore businesses can operate more efficiently and smoothly than if they set up their company in their own country and so offshore companies are greatly favored by Internet companies and financial services companies.

Offshore jurisdictions generally require less tax for corporations which can come as a great relief to many large corporations as they are often taxed a lot. Governments are always looking for ways to increase the money in their own coffers and heavily taxing large corporations is seen as a reliable method of ensuring they receive enough money.

Companies can have a good profit before tax is deducted but then once they have paid the tax levied by the government their profits can drastically be reduced, due to these high tax rates, corporations employ tax accountants and lawyers who are experienced and specialized in helping them to reduce their tax bill and locate a jurisdiction whereby their costs can be minimized.

Some offshore jurisdictions are more appealing to corporations for offshore company formation as they have no tax at all, these are called tax havens. Other countries such as Cyprus offer double tax treaties with many countries and have only a small amount of tax to pay.

Locally registered companies generally have to follow strict laws regarding reporting requirements especially if they are a public limited company, this is done to help protect the shareholders against any possible attempt at fraud and also to stop any scams or deception being carried out. If these corporations don’t follow the reporting requirements then they have to pay a large fine. Offshore company formation is popular as there are no reporting requirements to follow or be aware of and so operating the business becomes much simpler and easier.

Another advantage which makes offshore company formation attractive is that it can offer much more privacy than onshore registration. There is no requirement to publish financial statements and they can just go about their business and their competitors are not aware of the state of their business, how much profits they are making or their strategies and this can lessen the level of competition.

The choice to of paying less tax or even no tax at all is the main reason why most companies opt for offshore company formation. In general anyone in business who invests offshore by opening a bank account or by setting up a company receives various tax reduction benefits. By setting up your base in a low or no tax jurisdiction, can save you significantly more money. Thousands of companies decide to open a Cyprus company and set up an International Business Company because of the tax advantages the island offers. Cyprus is not a tax haven, you are still eligible to pay tax if your business is registered there.

However the level of tax is very low in comparison to most other countries and the tax incentives offered by the government make a Cyprus company formation one of the most favorable locations in the world for IBS’s.

For more information contact CCLOGIC.COM they have specialized in Offshore Company Formation.

Also consider to visit our Offshore Merchant Services Discussion Forum for useful information on setting up, Offshore companies, Offshore Bank Accounts and Offshore Merchant Accounts

Businesses choose to set up their office in another country in order to become an offshore company.

An offshore company is one that can conduct business all over the world or just in one country, but its main headquarters or office is in another country. There are various advantages to having an offshore company and these are outlined here.

The main reason the decision is made to set up an offshore company is to reduce the amount of tax paid. Everyone has to pay tax and the better your business is doing and the more money it makes the more tax has to be paid, for any business the tax it pays can reduce its profits by a significant amount. How much tax you pay varies from country to country, some countries have very low tax rates and so save on their overheads.

Offshore companies get to pay less tax as well as having fewer charges incurred on them in setting up and sustaining a business in a foreign jurisdiction. These jurisdictions can often offer better legal protection than the jurisdiction where the company does most of its business. Due to these legal protections offshore companies can choose to set up an anonymous company formation if they want to. Companies prefer to remain anonymous for a number of reasons such as not being welcome in some countries, one such industry is gambling, online casinos and other card playing websites, many companies in these types of industry are based offshore on the small island countries such as Cyprus although most of the people using their services will be from the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe.

Even though forming an offshore company has its advantages there are also problems associated with it. There are many particular companies that necessitate trust and confidence that offshore companies can’t provide. Examples of these types of industries include banking, insurance and financial consultants, some of these types of industries are not allowed to operate through an offshore account. In the US any contractor who works with the Defense Department and other security departments dealing in sensitive information has to be based in the US, by law.

Another point to consider if you are thinking of setting up an offshore company is how it might be perceived by others. The company might not be viewed favorably because of where they are based. Due to the worlds current economic disorder, consumers are not at all impressed with any company they see as stepping on others in order to make themselves richer, although offshore companies are not illegal they are certainly seen as a method of reducing the taxes they have to pay and minimizing their costs. These savings are made at the cost of the government of their own country and can be seen by some as a tax dodge and not only depriving the government of tax but also the people who live in that country.

Offshore company formation has become an accepted way to conduct business with many types of industries and for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to set up an offshore company then it is crucial you find a company or consultant who is reliable, trustworthy and established to organize and manage the procedure in a dynamic and skilled way.

For information on this and on Cyprus Company formation there are companies on the internet that can help. One of them is CCLOGIC.COM also visit our forum at cclogic.net which provides useful information on Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Bank Accounts with Internet Banking and much more.